Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tips: Xmarks

One of my favorite Firefox add-ons is Xmarks. Xmarks keeps bookmarks and passwords synchronized among my computers and the various browsers I use. Before the advent of Xmarks it was a cumbersome process for me to keep bookmarks synchronized among my PCs and Macs, at home, at work, or while on the road.
I have explored several related utilities and built-in browser functions over the years, but I haven’t found any that work better than Xmarks. Xmarks synchronizes bookmarks and passwords between Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari; and on the Mac, PC, Linux and other computer platforms. With XMarks I can choose to sync automatically or on demand, upload or download. If I really screw up my bookmarks on one of my computers I can download and install the online backup within a few seconds. It’s functional, fast, and free.

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