Sunday, September 02, 2012

[ TUTORIAL ] NAVICAT - Generating MD5 Hash

Hello everyone,

For those who use phpMyAdmin to create databases might already know the function that it has to generate MD5 hash for a password field. When you are entering a field just select MD5 in the 'Function' and the chosen password field turns into a MD5 hash.

For those using NAVICAT this feature is not so simple but can be done without problems.

After a long time trying to figure it out in Navicat. I come here to post a 'mini' tutorial on how to generate MD5 hash in Navicat.

You need to enable Raw Mode from the View menu.
Once activated the Raw Mode you type the function directly in the function field, ex MD5 ('123abc ').
I hope this will help those who use Navicat for databases.

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