Saturday, September 05, 2015

I am back!

Hello everyone! I am back! It has been a while and with so many great tutorials out there (Google) now a days I feel that writing repetitive stuff is not worth it. So I took a break from this blog. I has some other stuff going on.
Lately I've been on the IT world dealing with different challenges on a daily basis and sometimes you cannot find the right solution.
Finding a solution is like a puzzle. I take bits and peaces of different places and put them together and find a solution.
And this is what I will be doing on this blog from now on. I will not post stuff regularly but rather sporadically when I really feel like I can't find a solution for something nowhere else.

If any of you out there need help with whatever on the IT world I will be glad to try to help with my expertise's. Don't hesitate to drop a msg.

Soon I will be changing the look and feel of this blog to a more modern look.

Stay tune! ;-)

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